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Microsoft's RTP Office

4825 Creekstone Dr, Durham, NC (map)

What is TRINUG? A user group that brings together .Net developers and technology enthusiasts from around the Triangle of North Carolina. Membership ranges from brand new developers of .Net, to seasoned practitioners. Membership is always free and all are welcome.

What kind of Meetings and gatherings do you have?

  • We meet Every Wednesday!
  • A Main meeting where locally & nationally recognized speakers present. (2nd Wed)
  • SIGs (Special Interest Groups) discussions and deep dives that each meet once a month. (1st, 3rd, and 4th Wed)
  • Free, day-long events like RDU Code Camp.
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Upcoming Events:

Web sig: Intro to MVC - Custom HTML Helpers and Partial View Hands on Lab

9/3/2014 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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Intro to MVC -

Custom HTML Helpers and Partial View Hands on Lab

Rob and Jim

This month we will revisit HTML Helpers and create our own custom helper and then dig into using partial views to make our UI more interactive.

This meeting will contain a hands on lab that builds on our previous labs (1 & 2) which are available online if you were not able to attend previous meetings or need a refresher. 

Please come with Visual Studio installed and ready to code!


Main Meeting: What's New with Asp.Net Identity? - Derek Smith

9/10/2014 5:30:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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What's New with Asp.Net Identity?

In almost every app you deal with identifying and managing users. In this session, we'll review the new Asp.Net Identity framework and show how to use Identity in your apps as well as upgrade an app using the Asp.Net Membership system to the new Identity framework.

Speaker: Derek Smith

Meeting Agenda: 

5:30-6:00 - Welcome/Food 
6:00-6:15 - Announcements 
6:15-7:45 - Presentation  
7:45-8:00 - Give-aways

Thank you to the September Main Meeting sponsor!

Data sig: Big Data - Why all the buzz? Anita Luthra

9/17/2014 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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In this presentation we will provide you a with an overview of the state of Big Data, the current Trends and what you need to be watching. In this exploration, she will define big data, and followed a company's effort.

• We will review current trends and what some people are prediciting in the future.

• We will discuss:

o Reference Architectures

o Tooling

o Big Data Capabilities

o Various types of Data store types in Big Data

o Criteria for consideration in defining start-up, implementation and success of a Big Data solution

o Industry tooling and a quick look at NoSQL and Hadoop


Anita Luthra is a board member of the Triad Developers Guild (TDG – in North Carolina. She holds an M.S. degree in Information Technology and Management from University of North Carolina, and a B.A. degree in Communications. She has been involved in Information Technology for over 12 years across multiple industries. She has experience in systems architecture, n-tier web & database architecture, design and development and migrations across varied technologies and multiple industries.She has functioned in roles such as Technical Lead, Information Architect & Systems Architect, Technical Project Manager, developer/systems analyst. She has spoken multiple times at various technical events. Aside from always learning something new, she enjoys traveling, hiking and photography.

F#/Analytics Lab

9/23/2014 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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We are going to work though the Lab. Conrad is a going to do some more option chain explinations. And Adam might do something on pattern matching and discrimination unions.

F# SIG - Concurrency in F# (Riccardo Terrell from MSFT)

10/21/2014 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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Writing safe concurrent programs has become a principal concern in the past years, as multicore CPUs have become more widespread. Functional languages help developers support concurrency by encouraging immutable data structures that can be passed between threads and machines without having to worry about thread safety or atomic access. Functional languages also tend to make it easier to write better concurrency-friendly libraries. F# programmers can take advantage of immutable data structures to make massively scalable, concurrent applications that are simple and easy to write. We will take a look at Async-Workflow, Events and Observable streams and the Actor Pattern to develop high concurrent application.

Riccardo Terrell is a Software Architect at Microsoft. He has been always passionate about writing parallel algorithms and high scalable systems. He was responsible for the development team that built a distributed and concurrent system to process and analyze in parallel a high volume of medical images in Northern Italy.

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